From: Sergio L

Following April 12th news about Swedish Contest to CANNES, here is a translation of contest’s questions:

A. The young hobbit Frodo has been adopted. By whom?

1. Bilbo Baggins
2. Gandalf
3. Aragorn

B. Who and what was Legolas?

1. A human raised by elves and the rightful heir to the throne of Gondor.
2. A brave Elf
3. A temperamental hobbit and Frodo’s friend since long.

C. Who is the ancient languages teacher on LOTR set?
1. Barrie Osborne
2. Peter Jackson
3. Andrew Jack

D. Who was the brother of Faramir?
1. Denethor
2. Boromir
3. Celeborn

E. Who is portraited in (the picture provided)?

1. Gollum
2. Gimli
3. Elrond

Final question:

Maximum 40 word who you have liked to be in “Rings’ Saga” and why.

Winners will be contacted within May 4th