These could get your heart racing. Realm of the Ring has some battle scenes posted as well. [here] and [here]
You can see a different armour with a high helm and interesting slatted armour. Could this be the defence of Minas Tirith? Lots of pennons flying around – so many you wonder how anyone can fight [here]
I was talking to somebody recently who’d seen the rushes for the battle scenes. He wasn’t able to tell me much apart from that they looked awesome. I pressed him further: “What made them look more amazing than other similar battlescenes – say Braveheart for instance?”
He replied that it was the camerawork, which is amazingly fluid, panning over the vast armies, diving and zooming to get right amongst the action. That fluid, dynamic camerawork something about PJ’s style that’s been a feature since his early splatter films, where film critics noted that he was able to make very complex action look exciting while keeping it very clear what is happening.