The image-flood continues, and this time the Realm of the Ring has Eomer [Karl Urban] in battle. At last we can see one of the great captains of Rohan in detail. [More] Notice the horsetail plume on his helmet, and the way the nosepiece is moulded into the shape of a horse’s head. This is absolutely what you would expect from a culture who made the horse central to their existence.

It looks like he’s wearing a chainmail shirt and over that what could be a leather cuirass, gilded and embossed with that slightly celtic-looking spiral pattern. Boiled leather was sometimes used as a hard, lightweight armour well-suited to riders, I believe.

Here in another shot we can see more men of Rohan – possibly Eomer again – posted on guard. The rough massive stonework of the stairway they guard looks like Helm’s Deep, so this could be a shot of the long tense buildup to the attack of Saruman’s army. [More]