Ringer staffer Strider sends this in:

In the June edition of Empire Magazine, which was released today, Lord Of The Rings gets another mention as Empire goes through a quick review of the big Winter films this year. The most noteworthy thing about this interview, despite a huge image of an Elven army bearing arms which took up more than half the page, was John Rhys-Davies‘s comments about the movies themselves.

Extract from Empire:

“Last, but not least, there is the firest episode of Peter Jackson’s little trilogy. And with a Christmas release for The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring creeping ever closer, early footage is said to be out of this world. “I’ve se en some of it and it blew me away,” says John Rhys-Davies. “So look, let me hang my head on the line here, which I’ve done right from the word go with this film. These are not only going to be the biggest films of all time, they’re going to be your favourite films of all time. Ten years down the line, you’ll think, ‘Lord Of The Rings…….I could watch that again. IT WAS INCREDIBLE!'”.

Pretty strong words there from John….