This just in from John:

“THE PRICE OF MILK directed by Harry Sinclair and starring Karl Urban, starts a run to day in Chicago.”

If you’ve never seen a Kiwi film, this isn’t a bad place to start. It’ll surprise you. And get a load of the cast – it stars Karl Urban, who’ll be Eomer in LOTR. And the director Harry Sinclair, is a friend of Peter Jackson – and he plays Isildur in LOTR. Screenwriter Fran Walsh helped on the script, and PJ’s WETA workshop did some of the effects. It’s a closely-knit world here.

Most of all, see it because it’s got this crazy blend of human detail and magical realism which will make you wonder if there is an NZ ‘school’ of film-making, and what these consistently offbeat films should make us expect from LOTR. Is it going to follow the standard blockbuster formula, or will it also have this strange magic about it?