Liv is all over the place as “One Night at McCool’s” opens in the US.

Ringer Paul sends in this from

Hey there. Just saw an article on Liv Tyler’s performance in “One Night at McCool’s” on, it mentioned her role in FOTR, as well as the fact that TTT and ROTK are coming in ’02 and ’03.” [More]

Ringer Tim sends in these mentions from the UK:

First off,Total Film has a “I’m-reading-this-for-McCool’s,honest” interview with Liv Tyler. A couple of quotes:

“Peter did not lose his cool once.And I’ve never seen that happen.Not even on a normal film….I was just so impressed.”

She says acting as an elf “…has f**cked me forever because I now sound English and I want to sound like a New Yorker!”

Also,next month’s Deamwatch magazine is due to have an interview with Liv. PURELY about LOTR…

Thanks guys for sending in this info!