From: Marwën

Today I went downtown to buy my first English version of LOTR (the black boxed set) and the nice guy from Paragraphe Bookstore gave me a bookmark/flyer of a play called “Towards Valinor”, by Cory Fantie and the Elysian River Theatre. According to that, it’s an epilogue to LOTR, it seems really interesting, I’m absolutely buying my ticket!

Here’s what the flyer says:

Elysian River Theatre
One Ring was to rule them all
One Ring was to bind them
One Ring was to bring them all
And in the darkness bind them…
But now…
From the creative minds behind Surviving Wor(l)ds, Molly Sweeney and Much Ado About Nothing comes the dramatic epilogue to the greatest work of mythological fiction of the 20th century

by Cory Fantie
Directed by: Lowell Gasoi
Original music & sound by: Ray Muller
Designed by: Geneviève Genest, Mitch Jamieson

Daniel Goldberg as Frodo
Richard Orlando as Gandalf
Jesse Todd as Elrond
Melissa Holland as Galadriel
Giancarlo Caltabiano as Sam
Angela Murphy as the Shadow
Stage Managed by Amanda Corber

“Follow Tolkien’s wonderful characters as they continue their journey towards Valinor and face their final test of faith and endurance. A fantasy for all ages.”

April 26–29, May 1–6, 2001
at 8:00pm (Matinees to be announced)
Geordie Space
4001 Berri St. at Duluth
Metro Sherbrooke, Bus 24

Tickets on sale now:
$15 Adults $10 Students/Seniors
$7 children under 12

There is a website about the theatre company (Elysian River). It’s really nice. It doesn’t say much more, but there are a few nice pics of Frodo and Gandalf.