A few people wrote in to tell me that the LOTR board game designed by ‘Melkor-Bradley’ was a joke, and part of the Tolkien Sarcasm Page I like it that people could enjoy the Tolkien Sarcasm Page but still not recognise a Tehanu Irony Posting. Please readjust your irony detectors, as you may be suffering a malfunction.

However, I’m not the all-knowing source of all wisdom, and I have Androg to thank for this further bit of information: Although the game DOES NOT EXIST, a full set of rules etc. has been drawn up so you COULD make your own copy and play it – mostly by printing out the rules, map and ‘plot complication cards’ on the LOTR Board Game page. Androg says he’s done this, and the result is a really hilarious game.

At the end of the page they say they’d be very interested to hear from anyone that has actually made and played the game. So would we. It could put you in strong contention to win our “Greatest Tolkien Fan Search” Contest.