The latest Aragorn picture showing a little more of Viggo on horseback comes as the illustration to an article that is on the Spanish Tolkien website Elfenomeno. Under it is a long article which mostly talks about things we know (and the writer’s got his facts straight, too, unlike some of the magazines we see!)

My Spanish isn’t great, but I thought this seemed unfamiliar news, or maybe it’s just worded differently to how I’ve seen it before:

Firstly they describe the release dates of the three movies as being dependent on each other: the first film comes out when the second is ready, the second when the third is ready, in order to ensure there won’t be an enormous lag between them. The writer says that, as filming has stuck to schedule “with military precision” there is no fear that the films won’t be released as expected, a year apart starting this coming December. I haven’t heard it put in those terms. As I understand it, all three films have finished principal photography; there would logically be the most pressure on post-production work for the first film throughout this year, combined with getting the actor’s voices and any pick-up shots finished before they have moved on too far from their current age and appearance.
The other interesting thing is where Peter Jackson talks about how long before they started filming, they made a kind of sketch of the movie using animated storyboards with a bit of music and dialogue. “In this way we have the film already made in a very basic form which serves as an orientation. It gives us a very good idea whether a scene is long, if the camera angles are right or whether the screenplay works. It allows us to see the whole film without filming it and feel whether we are on the right path or if the structure is right or if the characters are working well.”