Matt sent me a link that quite frankly came close to making me lose my dinner suddenly. It could be a joke…I mean, we’ve all made jokes about things like the Arwen doll with light-up Evenstar and poisoned Frodo….the Asfaloth with custom galloping action…but could these things ever become reality? According to the news at Elostirion, they could! Well, there’s never been a proven limit to bad taste, otherwise after 30 years of giggling at flares, people wouldn’t be wearing them again.

I know I know, in a free country it’s not actually a crime to suffer from bad taste, (shame, that) and the toys people play with in the privacy of their own homes is nobody elses business but their own…. but really, you have to marvel at this. Don’t miss the link at the bottom to the LOTR marble bag . Collect and trade! (You WILL be assimilated. Where’s the little marble that says “All your base are belong to us”?) (More…..ARRRGH!)