Ok, so these aren’t creepy facts about the LOTR cast and crew, more like coincidences. But after all, Friday the 13th isn’t supposed to be creepy…just kinda semi-creepy.

3 LOTR Stars in James Bond films

Christopher Lee (Scramanga in ‘The Man With the Golden Gun’)
John Rhys Davies (General Leonid Pushkin in ‘The Living Daylights’)
Sean Bean (006 in ‘Goldeneye’)

Ian Holm/ Ian McKellen

Both named Ian
Both knighted
Both born in England

Total Number of movies from the cast: 954 ( Christopher Lee [Saruman] has been in 22% of them)

Most films by a star: Christopher Lee 215
Least films by a star: Orlando Bloom 1

Ian Holm and John-Rhys Davies have the exact same number of movies under thier belts (92)

Ian Holm was in ‘S.O.S Titanic’ as J. Bruce Ismay, Bernard Hill was in ‘Titanic’ as Captain Smith. Jonathan Hyde was in ‘Titanic’ playing J. Bruce Ismay, he was also in ‘Hamlet, Prince of Denmark’, Ian Holm was also in a production of ‘Hamlet’

An inordinate amount of LOTR Stars have been in ‘Shortland Street’:

Marton Csokas
John Leigh
Robyn Malcolm
Craig Parker
Mark Ferguson

LOTR Stars in the same movie:

John Noble, Marton Csokas: The Monkey’s Mask
Christopher Lee, Marton Csokas: Star Wars: Episode II
Miranda Otto, Viggo Mortensen: The Thin Red Line
John Rhys-Davies, Christopher Lee: Journey of Honor

Movies in Which Jim Rygiel (SFX) worked on:

Last Action Hero ( Ian McKellen)

Movies in Which Howard Shore (Composer) worked on:

That Thing You Do! ( Liv Tyler)
Esther Kahn ( Ian Holm)
eXistenZ ( Ian Holm)

Different Native Countries of LOTR Stars:

United States of America
New Zealand