In a recent interview with one of the biggest Dutch newspapers Cate Blanchett (Galadriel) talks a bit about her part in Lord of the Rings…

“..but the part in which Cate Blanchett will no doubt draw the most attention in the coming year is the part of Elvenqueen Galadriel in the upcoming Lord of the Rings-trilogy, of which the first installment (Fellowship of the Ring) will hit theatres this christmas.

“I’m done shooting my scenes” explains Blanchett in London, where she is currently finishing her part as Galadriel in a studio. “I’m working on ‘looping’ which basically means I have to redo all my lines because they didn’t get them right the first time around”.

And those are no ordinary lines. Those who are familiar with Tolkiens work know that Elvenqueen Galadriel speaks her own language. Blanchett surprises us with some lines in Elvish. “I have been told it sounds like the sound Klingons make in the Star Trek-series”.

Blanchett will not be seen long in the movie. Her part took up one month of filming, which, on a total of 18, doesn’t seem much. “The entire trilogy has been shot back-to-back, I only appear in the first part. Based on what I have seen so far this is going to be one of the most magical filmexperiences so far. I know some people consider Lord of the Rings to be their Bible, but Peter Jackson, the director, has allowed himself some liberties which hopefully fall in good taste. A book like this needs to be adjusted, otherwise it would have no use to turn it into a movie.”

Well, I’d say that offers some good food for discussion (what kind of sound do Klingons make anyway?), thanks to communitysite for the translation!