The May 2001 print edition of Yahoo! Internet Life has a small article on page 51 about LOTR. The title of the article? “Lord of the Rings Hype. So much buzz, so little to watch – so far.” Ouch!

Yahoo! Internet Life
Josh Robertson

The three-year Lord of the Rings flog fest promises to be the most fully realized online publicity campaign to date. The first trailer for the first film, this December’s The Fellowship of the Ring, appeared online at The Lord of the Rings Trilogy [] in January, with some brief impressions of what we can expect as far as scenery — including a particularly stunning tableau of a vast army swarming over a plain — but little about characters or plot. The site, which works in tandem with a RealPlayer channel, stores a lot of interviews with director Peter Jackson and his special-effects staff. However, the clips here leave something to be desired — you might as well be reading a transcript. Far more satisfying to Tolkien lovers is the short Lord of the Rings preview, available on the official site and as a QuickTime movie at the Apple site since last year. With interviews alongside shots of stuntment on stilts, images from the production, and other teasers, this is the two minutes that has all Middle Earthlings drooling.