Well, well, well! Remember all the talk about poor ol’ Glorfindel being ousted from FotR because more room was needed for Arwen? A source close to the production says this is not entirely true! It seems Glorfindel will indeed be at the Ford of Bruinen, in a role slightly modified from the text. We have heard that Glorfindel gives Arwen his horse, Asfaloth, and bids her to hurry on across with Frodo. He then remains with Aragorn to harry the Ringwraiths into the waters. But wait! There’s more! Rumor has it that Glorfindel is actually at the Council of Elrond, as we read in the book.

So! Glorfindel’s in? Where does Arwen come from? Is there any chance Bombadil will make a cameo, after all? Mr. Jackson, if you could, please drop us an email and help set these rumors straight! ; )