Ok, so I have Oscar on my mind. While watching the show last night I was day dreaming about Oscar 2002 and I just had to post up my predictions as to what ‘Fellowship of the Rings’ will win next year.

Now, despite ‘Titanic’ and ‘Gladiator’ this year I’ve always maintained that the Golden Boy tends to shy away from the huge Hollywood blockbuster films that FOTR will eventually be. That is why I have no ‘Best Actor…’ nominations, plus the fact that I’ve seen very little of the acting to date. But what I have seen is costumes, special effects, editing and all the other things I predict here. So, here it is, you can call me on it next year, but the Oscars will go to…

Cinematography: Andrew Lesnie

Film Editing: John Gilber

Costume Design: Ngila Dickson

Sound & Sound Editing: Mike Hopkins, Chris Ward

Adpt. Screenplay: Philippa Boyens, Peter Jackson, Stephen Sinclair, Frances Walsh

Visual Effects: Jim Rygiel

Art Direction: Dan Hennah