Nazgurl and Huan picked up something rather interesting from the Toy Biz Toy list posted at (Full Article)

If you will, Assortament #1 of the 6″ charcters includes:

Newborn Lurtz Urak-Hai

Now reference that with the following reports:

Galadriel’s Report on Orc Birth (4/5/00):

…They are also filming the Caves of Orthanc scenes at the moment. With Jo Pearse, 1st Unit AD at the helm. The Caves scenes are very interesting, it will consist of an Uruk Hai assembly line, with the Uruks which have been bred with Wildmen ond Orcs..Uruks are born from cocoons and are usually ordered around by Orcs. The Uruks rebel against the Orcs and kill them. This is the Uruk army that Saruman uses.

Galadriel’s creative description of the baby Uruk-hai:

…The Rohirrim, frightened by the current war situation that Saruman is forcing upon the people of the Land, decide as a last effort in keeping the helpless safe to send them to the abandoned keep of Helms Deep. Unfortunately Wormtounge informs Saruman of this and the duplicitous wizard takes this as an opportunity to feed his newly born and hungry specialised army of Uruk Hai, thinking, “What better than a bunch of Rohan refugees made up of women and children!…

Page 1, 3rd image on the Internet Preview Frame by Frame

The white hand of Saruman on the face/bodies of the Uruk-Hai models.

We can then theorize that Lurtz will be seen at some point being born and pledging his allegiance to Saruman.

Cool stuff for movie goers, but will hardcore Tolkienites go for it?