Thanks to Barlimans regulars Gollum and SamGamgee from for providing a link to what looks to be an early version of the official internet preview. Follow the following link and click on the LOTR Trailer at the bottom of the page. [More]

After just viewing this low quality real video file a few times, this is what we have have noticed is different:

1. Gollum with skin – The second and a half of Gollum matches up with earlier pictures we have seen, but this time with skin and hair. We are not posting a still image of Gollum at this time because of a promise to the artists at WETA. You can see Gollum in the Real version though.

2. Aragorn Fighting the Nazgul – We have seen a similar scene with this image from the scrapbook. [842]

\[ Aragorn Fighting Nazgul \]

3. A new shot of Liv.

\[ Liv Tyler \]

4. An extended shot of the running Troll.

\[extended troll sequence\]

Where this version came from, its anyone’s guess. We are also NOT sure if this is even legit. Hopefully we’ll be getting more info about it shortly!