There’s been some new developments at the Assassin Films website Searching for the Hobbit. For a start, the website is now offering free access to everything including the ‘making of’ documentary downloads. Producer Mark Morgan said “At the moment because of the hype surrounding the LOTR films and all the upcoming merchandising, we felt that we did not want to be seen as yet another commercial entity capitalising on the author’s works. We have therefore made the site free so everybody has the opportunity to take part in and view the documentary in progress.”

Regular visitors to the site will remember that ”Searching for the Hobbit” is a documentary being made to celebrate the world of Tolkien fandom and Hobbit culture worldwide. Visitors to the site have the chance to download clips from interviews that the ‘Hobbit’ team have conducted with an ever-growing range of people whose lives and work have been influenced by JRRT.

This is such a huge subject to cover that they have decided to make another change to the website. What used to be the Inspiration Room has been renamed the Gallery and focuses on ‘Rings’-inspired artwork. A new Inspiration Room will be set up where visitors are invited to share their personal (and true!) stories with other Tolkien fans. Morgan hopes that people will talk about their own Search for the Hobbit. “When did you last visit Middle-earth?” he asks. So far this question has produced some beautiful stories from all kinds of people.

The very best stories might form the basis for further interviews when the ‘Search for the Hobbit’ continues.

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