Its been a long time since I brought you an episode of “How to be Unproductive at Work,” so here goes!

• Why not check out some Tolkien based MUSH’s? They are notorious for taking LOTS of time off your hands. [more]

• If you didn’t already know, hosts the LARGEST image collection of Tolkien related Art in the world! Rolozo Tolkien has been known to take up hours of my day, why not give it a try! [more]

• In a VERY rare occurence, Margaret Weis, Don Perrin, and Chris Pierson of DragonLance fame, dropped by our very own Barlimans for a fireside chat with fans. The log is only about 20 pages long, that will definitely kill some time. [more]

• Why not start your journey into true Tolkien fandom by learning an elvish language or two? Ostadan from Green Books will be more then happen to help you along on this quest. [more]

• If you didn’t realize already, Barlimans is a huge worldwide phemomenon of a chatroom. Catch up on your fellow fans and find out where they live in our Barlimans Regulars Map. [more]

• Bruce Spence will be playing the Mouth of Sauron in the upcoming films. But what race of creature is the Mouth of Sauron? How tall was he? When did he die? Find out these facts and just about anything you could want to know about the characters of Middle-earth in our characters section. [more]

• And last but not least, where does all the money for banner ads and t-shirt sales at go? The answer is quite simple. sends it’s profits to various charities worldwide. Why not take some time and support the charities we do! [more]

I hope that takes the necessary time out of your day to make this Friday, and every other work day, a lot less stressful!