Greetings — Quickbeam here.

Huzzah! Today we proudly unveil our completely overhauled Green Books… so let the magic begin with an explosion of brand-spanking-new content!

1. Come “Out on a Limb” with me to play the best LOTR boardgames on the planet. Actually, there are only two.

2. Turgon gives us modern high-tech Tolkien publications, via Print on Demand. That’s over on his “Bookshelf.”

3. Our newest Staff person Ostadan writes his “Lore & Letters,” featuring an insightful journey into the Runes and Alphabets of JRRT.

4. Stalwart Ringer Tookish puts tongue in cheek with “Tookish’s Ticklers.” All humor, all the time. Be sure to send him your cartoons, jokes, parodies, and links.

5. The “Special Guest” column debuts with J.W. Braun’s “Fate of the Nine Walkers.” Next month YOU could be our Guest!

6. We research your toughest Q&A — feast on these and more:
  a. Was Middle-earth actually our planet Earth?
  b. Why take two silly hobbits into the service of Kings?
  c. What evil would befall Middle-earth in “The New Shadow?”
  d. Déagol– cousin or just friend to Gollum?

7. Next month our “Moon Letters” will be updated with zillions of new poems and fiction. Send us your submission today by clicking here.

Our hats are off to the hard-working Calisuri, who created the new design and navigation tools. You will find your way around easily with new Search functions, Archives, and Links.

On behalf of our hard-working Staff I salute you, the Reader, for making us the best Tolkien Study Group on the Web. Sit back, relax, and be erudite as we explore the WORDS and WORLD of Tolkien.

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