Ringer Spy Dave sends in some interested news from the world of Stuart Townsend, the ‘first’ Aragorn.

For those that do not know or remember way back in October of 1999 I’ll help you refresh your memory.

Townsend, an Irish actor in his 20’s was first chosen to play Aragorn. He flew down to New Zealand and was on the set opening day. A week later we broke the story that he has left, and that Viggo Mortensen is in. There were rumors about ‘creative differences’ and all the typical stuff you hear about ‘trouble’ on a hollywood movie set.

Dave managed to corner Stuart at a charity event and asked him the big question; ‘why did you leave LOTR?’

(Stuart) said he basically went along (to New Zealand), they made him up as Aragorn and he just didnt look old/scruffy enough for PJs taste . He said it was amicable & he would have loved to have worked on it, also he said he’s a huge fan and would be going
along to see it.

Think this is true? I do, Stuart did not have the pull or the clout to start giving enough attitude to PJ, plus he was there only a week, how much supposed fighting could have taken place? Stuarts quote is most likely what actually happened that fall week back in 1999.