Tolkien fans are finding mixed success in their attempts to view the much anticipated Fellowship of the Ring trailer, and emails are pouring in. We’ve heard from folks who have driven for hours only to be bitterly disappointed, and others who have been treated graciously by theaters to two trailer viewings after the feature! Please call your theater before you go so your time is well-spent. The latest results, as of the final update (1/14/00):

Birmingham, AL: one miss
Decatur, AL: one hit, River Oaks 8 at Colonial Mall
Florence, AL: one miss, Capri Four
Montgomery, AL: one miss
Fayettville, AR: one hit, Razorback 6
Campbell, CA: one hit, Plaza Theater
Corona, CA: one hit, Edwards 15
Fremont, CA: one hit, Cindome 8
Fresno, CA: one hit, Fresno Stadium 21
Los Angeles, CA: two hits, United Artists Westwood, Mann Theaters on Ventura Blvd
Mountain View, CA: one hit
Oceanside, CA: one miss but reportedly attatched to wrong film
Redding, CA: one miss, Cinemark Movies 10 Theaters
Riverbank, CA: one hit, Galaxy 12 Theaters near Modesto
San Diego, CA: one hit, Mira Mesa 18 Cinema
San Jose, CA: one miss, Century 16 in Mountain View
Santa Cruz, CA: one miss, Cinema 9 Signature Theaters
Woodland, CA: one hit, State Theater
Denver, CO: one hit
Manchester, CT: one miss, Buckland Hills Theater (How dare they!!! Those Brandybucks!)
Decatur, AL: one hit, Showcase Cinemas
Miami, FL: one miss, Regal Kendall 9
Orlando, FL one hit
Pensacola, FL: one miss at Carmike 10; one hit, Cordova 4
Alpharetta, GA: one hit, United Artists Theater, North Point Mall
Athens, GA: one hit
Douglasville, GA: one hit, Regal Cinema, Arbor Place Mall
Savannah, GA: one miss
Boise, ID: one hit, Edwards 21 Cinema
Bloomingtond, IL: one hit, Parkway Cinemas
Chicago, IL: one miss, The Sony Esquire; one hit, Webster Loews theater near DePaul
St. Charles, IL one hit, Regal Charlestown Mall 18 Theater
Warrenville, IL: one hit, AMC 30
Woodridge, IL: one hit
Indianapolis, IN: one miss, Lowes (Sony) Cherry Tree; one hit, Kerostes Theaters Showlplace 16
Goshen, IN: one hit
Hobart, IN: one hit, Loew’s Theater
Des Moins, IO: one hit, Carmike Cinemas
New Olreans, LA: one hit, Palace 20
Cambridge, MA: one hit, Landmark’s Kendell Square
Hadley, MA: one hit
Springfield, MA: one miss, Showcase Theaters
Worcester, MA: one hit, Showcase Cinemas, Worcester North
Baltimore, MD: one hit, Lowe’s Cinema, the Avenue at White Marsh
Dearborn, MI: one hit, Star Theatre Fairlane
Livonia, MI: one hit, AMC 20
Deluth, MN: one miss
Edina, MN: one hit, Centennial Lakes
Lakeville, MN: one miss at a ‘HUGE’ theater
Minneapolis, MN: one miss
St. Paul, MN: one hit, Maplewood II Theater
St. Louise, MO: one hit at Werenburg Theater
Gulport, MS: one miss
Raleigh/Durham, NC: reportedly available at ‘all Consolidated theaters in the Triangle area’ including Raleigh Grande and Crossroads 20
Wilmington, NC: one hit, Carmike 6
Wiston/Salem, NC: one hit, Wynnsong 12
Lincoln, NE: one hit, Edgewood 3
Londonderry/Hooksett NH: one hit, trailer shown before and after feature
East Hanover, NJ: one miss, East Hanover Loews
Alamogordo, NM: one hit
Las Cruces, NM: one miss
Staten Island, NY: one miss, UA/Travis
Westbury, NY: one miss
Columbus, OH: one miss, one hit
Dayton, OH: one hit, Hollywood 20
Toledo, OH: one miss, Showcase Maumee (?sic)
Oklahoma City, OK: one hit, Quail Springs Cinema
Tulsa, OK: one hit, Dickenson Starworld 20
Medford, OR: one hit, Tinseltown
Portland, OR: one hit, Evergreen Parkway Regal Cinemas
Delmont, PA: one miss
Johnstown, PA: one miss, Richland Mall Cinemas
Quakertown, PA: one hit, Regal 12
Washington, PA: one miss, Hollywood Theaters, Washington Crown Center Mall
Memphis, TN: one miss; hits at Collierville Town Cinema, Wolfchase Galleria
Nashville, TN: two hits, one at Green Hills Cinema
Bedford, TX: one hit, UA Bedford 10
Houston, TX: one miss,Tinsel Town-Cinemark Westchase; two hits, northwest at Tinseltown 290 and southwest side
Lubbock, TX: one hit, Cinemark Tinseltown
McKinney, TX: one hit
Frisco, TX: one hit, Stonebriar AMC 24
Provo, UT: one miss, Wynnsong 12; one hit, Carmike at Provo Towne Centre
Salt Lake City, UT: one hit, Century 16
Abingdon, VA: initial miss but later theater gave double viewing!
Richmond, VA: one hit, Regal Cinemas Virginia Commons Theater
Burlington, VT: one miss, Nickelodeon Theater
Norfolk, VA: one miss, Cinemark 18
Merrifield, VA: one miss, Arlington Boulevard/Lee Highway Multiplex Cinema
Seatle, WA: hits at Meridian 16 and Metro’s Cinema
Spokane, WA: hit at AMC 30