We are getting reports and reactions about the New Line Cinema theatrical trailer of The Lord of the Rings from all over the world. The reactions are mixed, possibly due more to the fact that many were expecting a long trailer full of dialog and longer clips. However, from the e-mails you’ve sent in, the general impression is that the trailer was definitely worth seeing. (Well, of course it was… It’s LOTR!!!) Here are some excerpts from the multitude of mail we have received:

Kailin of California stated, “It’s not that great of a trailer, it’s more of a teaser, and shows all the characters, but doesn’t name them. Some of the images look incredible, but for those who didn’t know what it was at first, they would have no idea what there were seeing. Oh well, I liked it, and I liked 13 Days, so it was a good night at the theater.” Nathan and friend, also from California, “… were greatful to see a large golden ring floating right there in front of our eyes. We enjoyed the trailer (teaser) but hope there will be several more over the next year (more dialogue please!)”

A fan from Worcester, MA, said, “It was just so cool to watch it, as short as it was (seemed, anyway), with a theater full of people.” She adds, “BTW, I didn’t like 13 days very much. In at LEAST 5 scenes (husband says several more), you can see the microphone dangling over the actors’ heads!!! The audience was LAUGHING every time this happened! I do NOT want to see a mike dangling over Gandalf’s head!” Lol, neither do we! Just smoke rings please.

Beakster in Glasgow, Scotland, saw the trailer in front of ‘Lost Souls’. He was excited to see they had put the trailer in separate from the others and in full widescreen. Dave in New Hampshire said, “Verrrrrrrrrry good treatment in Londonderry and Hooksett New Hampshire theatres . They each showed the trailer once in the beginning and end of show!”

Old Toby of Dearborn, MI, wrote this: “My heart was pounding for the next 10 minutes after seeing it. Not that the trialer was super awesome, but just seeing the characters on the big screen gave me the shakes.” Pulse from Texas commented, “I especially liked it when they put ‘The Return of the King’ up whenever Aragorn walked by. Very cool.”

Debbie in Texas had technical difficulties viewing the trailer. Only half the trailer’s screen was visible, so the management allowed her to stay and watch it the next time it ran. Mitch from Indiana loved what he saw but was a bit disappointed. “I wanted it to be at least TWICE as long… and I felt that the first glimpse we received on the Web — the Quicktime clip — was in many ways a BETTER preview. It was good… and whetted my appetite… but — like all good fans – I wanted much, much MORE!”

Jonathan of Chicago, Christian of Duluth, Minnesota, and Sughosh of Mississippi were very disappointed that the theater they went to did not show the trailer at all. Fans in Tennessee fared much better. A group went to see the teaser on Friday night and loved it so much they asked the manager if they could watch it once more. They say it was even better the second time around! Lindulan, also of Tennessee, wrote this, “We saw it last night in Nashville, TN. My sister called me earlier today from Atlanta, GA, where she was in line to see it. They had a sign posted outside the theatre stating ‘If you are here only to see the LOTR trailer, you will not receive a refund’ so I assume that is a “hit” there.”

Marsha of Ohio saw the trailer and hopes New Line will let Peter Jackson do the next one. She said, “I am hoping that New Line will take Harry Knowles’ advice and let PJ do the next one. Also, that they start emphasizing the story since I also think that the best way to reach the non-Ringer audience is going to be by drawing them into the story. This trailer, unfortunately, was too disjointed for anyone other than fanatics like us to really have any idea what it is about!”

Thanks again for all your email!