Well it has come to this…

My Ninja skills have gotten the best of me and I had to give you all some details on those armor pics!

Well here we go.

The two helmets are taken from Rohirim armor:

This shows the the helmet of a Rohirim Royal Guard of the King; the costume consists of a red tweed shirt and some fine leather plate armor. They wear a green woolen cloak, shoulder caps with horse head engravings, and it seems that Celtic designs border all of the leather armor. The pants are brown but hardly seen because a red tweed tunic extends to the top of their boots. They use broad swords which you will see Legolas wielding on horseback -if you check back on the trailer the sword he is using on horseback is indeed a sword from Rohan.

This is a helmet worn by a standard Rohan horseman which also can double as a footman, spearman or axeman. They also wear a green woolen cloak with a white gown that is stained grey with wear. Horseman armor is scale mail which reaches to the knees where the leather boots meet the gown. You will also notice that all the blonde hair in the movie is indeed fake and connected to the back of the helmets. Some of these units have strap on wooden shields with a metal horse head emblem.

All races have different infantry unit styles…

Uruk Hai

Short Swordmen
Long Swordmen
Beserker (usually kamikaze style bomber)

They also use ballistas to breach the wall at Helms Deep.


Royal Guards
Rohan Horsemen


Elves are masters of all weapons and carry all their weapons with them which include:

Long Bow
Fire Arrows

Men of Gondor

Spearmen with Sheild
Long Bowmen
Axe Handlers


Spears, farming tools, sickles, daggers, etc.

Olog Hai

Brute force, berserk’s rage

Orcs & Goblins

Short swords (very rusty)
Dagger Handlers
Short Bowmen

All units depending on type have different styled armor, so each weapon type has different armor according to what it is carrying….

The rest is for me and my gods.