Yes, I’ve managed to use my keen Ninja Vision and discover something you may have all missed in the past, Elven Warriors…

…Yes it’s true, in the internet preview you TORNadoes seem to cherish so much, there is a shot of two opposing armies clashing together much like a scene from ‘Braveheart’. Those armies are are Uruk Hai and Elven army warriors.

The Elves are the ones heading for the spikes: in this picture here you can see them fairly easily.

Notice the Kantana style swords, sharkfin helmets, Elven skirt armor and breast plates. The Elves are modelled after Samurai Warriors, and the Uruk Hai even more so.

All these are designed by Alan Lee, and WETA worked on them.

Here is an isolated picture of one of the Elven warriors, alongside a picture of a traditional Samurai, thanks to