My task was simple, I was hired by a man who will remain a secret to ‘off’ a person who was clearly brieching the Code of Fashion…

My target was not hard to find. Some called him ‘The King’ because he looked and dressed almost too similar to ‘Elvis’.

I followed him from the bus and walked in stealth down a street in Miramar called Stone Street. Unfortuanately it was the studios he was heading for, a minor delay for me as I would have to get past security once again. This time I decided that too many security guards had died in the line of duty, and I did not want to make a dent on the movie project budget by totally writing off all security guards. Taking my trusty ninja grappling hook I climbed one of the warehouses in persuit of ‘The King’.

Finally I saw my window of opportunity ‘The King’ had stopped off in the studio’s Green Room, which is used for breakfast, lunch and coffee to keep the workers at Unit 1A from killing each other due to sleep dep and stress levels. ‘The King’ stood by the refressments counter, I had made my way behind a metal sliding door marked ‘Studio 2’ and waited for him. The time had come… pulling ‘The King’ into Studio 2 I fliped him in the air, donuts and coffee flew everywhere….


was the last thing I heard before looking back I noticed that ‘The King’ flew through the domed roof of a set which had recently been completed.

I went to investigate. Around me stood a cirlcular chamber. The outter rims of the chamber were supported with white columns, within every meter of the columns the builders and designers had made it look as if pentagons had been inscribed into the stone, the center of each containing a what were surely a Coat of Arms. I looked up at the dome and noticed that the chamber was split in half probably to make it easier for filming. Ingraved on each column were runes of some sort.

I looked at ‘The King’ then looked at the chamber… Pictures flashed in my head, this was the burial chamber of the Kings of Minas Tirith!

This was all to weird, so pulling out my Katana I went to finish my job. I shaved ‘The King’s’ side burns off for my cash on delivery, then whispered to the artist formally known as ‘The King’, “Caffiene kills!” and made my departure.

What the man did with those side burns I do not know.

The rest is between me and my Budda statue.

Beware of the Koga Ninja-