Hello there. Mushroom here from the Philippines.

Of all the LOTR sites I’ve been visiting, I can’t seem to remember which one was featuring Tolkien fan sightings worldwide. Anyway, maybe you’ll find this interesting.

I recently heard about this bar in Manila called Hobbit House. So in Hobbit fashion, I decided my upcoming birthday would be the best time to check it out with some friends. True enough, the place is owned by a genuine Tolkien fan. His personnel largely comprises of midgets! It was amusing too how our 3-foot waiter had to stand on a stool to get our place settings in order. (Made me wonder how Nob was supposed to have handled it ifever he had to serve any of the big folks’ tables at the Prancing Pony. The bar also offers entertainment via a live band performing on stage with a huge wall painting of the LOTR Fellowship members serving as background.

I would say it wasn’t as busy as Barliman’s inn (at least not before Sharkey’s invasion) but I expect the place would attract more customers after the first movie comes out, if not for the food then certainly for the sake of curiousity.