A few people pointed out that just because it doesn’t cross my mind to go to the movies the day after Christmas, that doesn’t mean everyone else is the same. Apparently Boxing Day is traditionally the big day for releasing summer movies in NZ and Australia. Funny I must be at the beach so I never noticed.

A contact in the film industry said had good information about the premieres coming indirectly from New Line people:

“but they are planning several premieres – one in London, LA, and I guess based on your fan site information, “other funny places with foreign names.” I don’t think it will be simultaneous but fairly close together……When Amercian companies elect to debut in London it usually means they are unsure of how it is going to open in the States and whether it will stand up to be a hit, so it is kind of a test run-often they make this assumption upon seeing the editing cuts- I don’t know if that is true or not in this case.”