Many people have written in asking me about the LOTR trailer coming out in theatres all over North America this December. To answer you truthfully, we’ve tried checking in on the details but have come up with nothing, this is what we do know:

– There is a very strong probability that the LOTR will be out this December, according to some reliable people on the inside.

– At first we heard it would be attached to either ‘Little Nicky’ (November 10th), or, more likely the Kevin Costner suspense/drama ’13 Days’ (December 20th). This news, however, has changed recently.

– We reported last month that New Line Cinema, the same production company that is producing LOTR, bought the distribution rights to ‘Dungeons and Dragons’. ‘DND’ will be released by New Line on December 8th, and will, in my opinion be perfect fodder for LOTR fans looking for the LOTR trailer.

So the answers you’re all looking for? Well, if you live in a major North American city, and want to see either DND, 13 Days or Little Nicky, you’d be covering your bases.