This just came in over the teletypes, and I thought it would allow everyone to catch up on the sleep which has been lost worrying about Eowyn the Elf.

Dear One Ring.Net Staff and Readers,

As you may have already noticed, this month’s E! Online “On Location” article mistakenly describes Eowyn (played by Miranda Otto) as an Elf.

This was a typographical error which occurred during a last-minute re-edit of the article.

We apologise for any distress this may have caused your readers, and can assure that Eowyn will not be played as an Elf in Peter Jackson’s film!

The offending “E” word will be removed hopefully by the end of the weekend, but at the latest on Tuesday (NZ time). Until then, we would be appreciative if you could post this email on your website.


John Forde

Now that this has been cleared up for us, I can rest soundly.