Well, its another slow news day.

Welcome, once again, to the third session of “How to be Unproductive at Work” compliments of TheOneRing.net.

When is the last time you checked out the fan art galleries? Check out the 11 new masterpieces added just this Sunday.

So Gamling the Old has been cast. But who is he? Discover everything you need to know about the LOTR characters in our LOTR Movie character section?

Have you ever wondered who would win in a battle royal between Sauron and Emperor Palpatine? Or maybe Pikachu and Frodo? Our Arena message board provides a forum for these fantasy battles to take place. Your input determines the winner!

Who was most responsible for the downfall of Sauron? Check out the results of this insta-poll from last november in our old polls section.

If Van Halen and the Beach Boys had to adapt the classic tune “California Girls” to include Tolkien related lyrics, how would they do it? Ringer fan Lanny Andelin takes a crack at it with “Elvish Girls” in our Creative Writing section.

How about checking out the past logs of the wildly popular Hall of Fire discussions? Maybe you want to know more about the magic of Middle-earth or the fate of the orcs. The discussions can get quite lengthy, so we conveniently provide printable versions. Hey, if you are going to slack off at work, why not use some paper too!

Does your company have a large expense account? Maybe a couple hundred thousand lying around? Did you know that you can browse Hildebrandt original paintings through TheOneRing.net? Check it out in our art and collectibles section of Shop.TheOneRing.net.

Did you know that Peter Jackson was going to do a King Kong remake before he took on Lord of the Rings? No? Make sure you keep on top of the latest Peter Jackson news at his Official fan club: The Bastards Have Landed!

Well, hopefully this will keep you occupied for a few hours. When the next slow news day comes, we vow to be there with another installment of “How to be Unproductive at Work!”