This Spy Report of sorts comes from Ghost of Deagol from Denmark, I’m not sure how or why, but they’ve managed to get some LOTR footage ready for the big screen. From the look of his report, it seems to be the ShoWEST footage, and it’s the read deal. So read on!

Once a month I, together with some fellow movie-geeks, attend something called “Surprise movie”, which is an event starting at midnight where a movie is shown 1 month or so prior to its opening. This is a nice thing that is always full of excitement and speculation about what movie that is going to be shown. Some people even make bets as they stand in line. Yesterday it was time for yet another Surprise movie event, and as always we were discussing which movie we would like it to be. Now, here in Denmark we have to wait a couple of months (in some cases even longer) after the US premiere before we get to see most movies, so “X-Men” and “Scary movie” were mentioned. Anyway, we entered the cinema and found our seats. Now, since this is a midnight event and because there are so much excitement about the unknown movie ahead, people are normally eager to get the movie on, and thus commercials and trailers are just something that can’t end quickly enough. I had exactly the same feeling until suddenly, right after the trailer for “The Cell” I heard the words: “It has been named the greatest and most popular books of the 20th century!”. Wow! Did the big screen suddenly get my attention? As I said earlier, this is an event that attract many movie-geeks, and I suspect most of them knew what this was about. Anyhow, everyone stopped talking and eating popcorn as the Internet preview emerged on the big screen! Myself? I had goosebumbs all over!

Now, like most Ringers I’ve seen the Internet preview dozens of times, but seeing it on the big screen was a whole new experience. And that’s not all:

There were even new goodies that I haven’t seen before. Maybe they’ve have been shown in the ShoWest or ComicCon footage, which I’ve never seen, so seeing actual new footage was a real blast for me. Although the new stuff consisted of short sequences, I’ll try to describe them here. First off, I noticed an interview with Sean Astin where he talked about the excitement of doing LOTR and the incredible adventure that the story provides. Then I saw a CGI sequence of what must have been the troll that we saw a miniature model of some weeks ago. It was running towards the camera in Moria, I believe. It looked quite gorilla like in the way it moved, and I must admit that I don’t hope it’s the balrog, since it’s not how I picture it. However, it was still a cool sequence.

Then there was a short sequence with Liv Tyler and Viggo Mortensen surrounded by cameramen and makeup artists. Another very short cut showed what I believe was a hobbit (what else?) in heavy makeup, that looked a little “doll-like”. As I said, it was a short cut, so I will not draw any conclusions from it.

They greatest part was perhaps seeing the hords of orcs marching in Mordor again. Although the Quicktime format is very good, this sequence is only done real justice on the big screen. They level of detail was incredible, and the movements were even more realistic. And I must not forget to mention that the sound of them marching thundering from a 3D cinema sound system was a thrill!

Although I’ve only read about the excitement that the preview created at the ComicCon event, I think I now have a bit of a feeling of just how that must have been. Everybody went wild, and I saw several people making “YES!” gestures. The excitement went from skyhigh to understandable frustration though, as the words “Followship of the Ring – Christmas 2001” emerged. New Line is torturing us here!

Having seen this trailer on the big screen, I’m more than sure that these movies are in very safe hands. I can’t believe they actually showed the trailer here in Denmark at this point, but I’m just happy I was there to witnes it.

As for the surprise movie itself? Well, it was U-571 (another VERY late movie for us Danish moviegoers) but I must admit that the images from the LOTR footage were with me throughout the movie.


Ghost of Deagol