Well it won’t be going to the UK Sunday Times I hope. I’m afraid I don’t think that latest article on Cate (see below) is totally wonderful. A few weeks I got a bit of flak for suggesting politely that I was surprised that there wasn’t more interest in the UK media about LOTR. Specifically, I noted that most of the big papers have done articles repeating each other, and without checking inaccuracies. Sure, we’re the pot calling the kettle black, but we’re amateurs, and you’re not shelling out any cash to buy our news.

The latest report of Cate in the UK Sunday Times, just down the page here, is exactly the kind of thing I’m talking about.

There’s not much in there that we haven’t heard from other interviews with Cate. The bit that IS new is this:

“For the uninitiated, Galadriel is the good sister of the evil but beautiful Queen Beruthiel, who imprisons the Fellowship of the Ring in the forest of Lothlorien. In the book, Galadriel frees them from her sister’s clutches.”

In the book, it says this? I rest my case.


This just sent in from Carl:

I know where that misinformation about Galdariel came from, but I have no idea why in God’s name they actually used it. It’s from the synopsis of the Lord of the Rings (http://www.speakeasy.org/~ohh/homework.htm) It’s funny, but completely inaccurate. In the last paragraph of the Fellowship of the Ring synopsis, it says ” next they are driven into the dark forest of Lothlorien, where they are imprisoned by the beautiful but evil Queen Beruthiel. They make their escape when Beruthiel’s good sister, Galadriel, frees them from their prison-cell and floats them down the river in barrels.” Hope this helps

It sure did Carl, thanks!