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Lord of the Rings Pix

Check out what your fashionably-dressed LOTR warrior will wear, plus a short glance at a dwarf.

July 10, 2000

A battalion of IGN editors hit Vegas this weekend for the big video retailer VSDA convention, as well as more than a little gambling and guzzling. We figured we’d grab some stories, some hangovers and a little roulette fever. We never figured that Steven would walk away with a wheelbarrow full of winnings, or that we could spend hours on end watching Playboy Playmate Jaime Bergman just breathing (and what a nice pair of lungs that lady has). And we never figured that New Line would have a showcase of Lord of the Rings gear at their booth. Just another reason to have that surgically-implanted camera.

Peter Jackson’s going old school with the battle gear, having artisans forge real, wearable Middle Earth battle fashions — which will hopefully shield the actors from wild swings with those real, slashable swords. Here’s what you’ll be seeing on the fields of glory at Christmas, 2001:

We also got a sneak peek at one of the dwarf models that Weta Workshop created:


Now that we have you up to speed on the latest LOTR pix, we’re going back to Jaime. We think she looked in our direction once. That’s enough to get our hopes (and other things) up.

— Den Shewman wonders if Jaime goes for guys with shields