Well, we’ve finally gotten our answer to that elusive question, IS Kevin Conway going to be in LOTR? The answer is a simple NO read on, from Starlog Magazine

…and contrary to rumor, Conway will NOT be in Peter Jackson’s massive Lord of the Rings trilogy. That’s not to say the rumor mill was inaccurate in reporting that he, at one point, had been attached to the project. “I pulled out of Lord of the Rings, which may yet prove to be one of the bad mistakes in my career, and I’ve made alot of them,” he says. “I was upfront with [the filmmakers]. they offered me the role of Theoden, which is a wonderful part. But…their schedule. They wanted me to go out in January to New Zealand for six weeks, then go home, then go back again for another six weeks, then go home again and then come back again for three months. I said, ‘Whoa!’ The character is in two of the films. It wasn’t worth it. Hehas a couple of good scenes, but the rest is allbattling with armor and stuff. You could have a stuntman do that, which they probablywould have done anyway. But I really suffered about it”