Mentioning ‘Blind Guardian’ and their Tolkien-themed albums seems to have started a thread of correspondence as people draw our attention to their favourite Tolkien music. Blind Guardian got a lot of favourable mention, but they’re not the only band working in that area.
Gavin mentioned the Scandinavian musician Bo Hanssen, who wrote an album on Tolkien themes. I vaguely remember it being from the seventies. Whether it’s available on CD I don’t know. It has, Gavin says, a cool picture of a Nazgul on the cover, and the sleeve notes include a picture of Tolkien sitting in a forest.

Hilsen Orjen from Norway suggested checking out the band ‘Summoning.’ Though he warned, ‘…some may find the vocals a bit extreme.’

There’s audioclips of Summoning on the Web; which we’re looking for right now.