Anyone remember Tim Sanders? He was the other NZ producer on LOTR at the beginning of the project. He’d worked with PJ frequently before and was one of the three producers involved in setting up LOTR, but he left suddenly just after filming started. He’s never granted anyone an interview or explained why he left. He may have opted for a more eloquent answer by means of his latest project.

Called ‘The Distant Location,’ the pitch for it goes: “When Hollywood comes to NZ for all the wrong reasons, the locals and Mother Nature exact a hilarious revenge.”

Well, well, well. We’d love to know how it’s release will be timed against the first ‘Rings’ film. Meanwhile, for anyone wanting to read a good comedy on a similar subject, I’d recommend Terry Bisson’s “Voyage to the Red Planet,” which could be subtitled ‘When Hollywood goes to Mars for all the wrong reasons…..”etc. I kept being reminded of the LOTR film project.