The questions are in!’s exclusive interview with Gary Gygax, creator of Dungeon and Dragons, is ready to go. Below is a list of the interview questions sent in by YOU, the fans. Look for the answers soon!

1. Do you enjoy the works of JRR Tolkien? If so, how did he influence your work?

2. Did you actively base D&D on Tolkien’s world, adopting some of the preferences of the species, their behaviours, and all that from Tolkien?

3. As many D&D fans know, the game has taken flak in the past from Christian and “concerned parents” groups regarding the game and its supposed occult/Satanic influence on some of those who play it. How would you respond to those that say D&D is a “gateway” to Satanic or dangerous practices?

4. Are you surprised that D&D and games like it have been as popular as they are? Were you aiming for a much smaller market, or did you imagine that this many people would enjoy what you enjoy creating?

5. How old were you when you actually began to create AD&D?

6. I would imagine that you invented D&D and played it for a long while before actually going to market with it; who, if anyone, inspired you to market the game?

7. I imagine you read fantasy novels quite a bit; do you have any favorite authors, or any favorite books in general?

8. In a recent issue of Dragon magazine, you said you would have developed a 2nd edition of AD&D differently than what TSR eventually came out with in 1989. What would have been your vision of a 2nd edition had you worked on it?

9. The Dungeon and Dragons game used to be billed as a “simple” game as opposed to those games like G.U.R.P.S. and Wizards and Warriors. Why has it become so complicated?

10. What do you have in the works as of now?

11. Thinking back, I seem to remember a Middle-arth role playing game. Were you involved in this? Is it still available?

12. Did you ever consider making the Lord of the Rings into a module?

13. What is your favorite book of all time (excluding your own)?

14. Who is Gary Gygax? What makes him tick?

15. In all of your world, who is your favorite creature or character you have created?

16. I know you have not seen the trailer because you dont want to spoil it, but what do you think of the Lord of the Rings movies being produced? What are your hopes for it?

17. Do you think the Lord of the Rings movies will create a surge in new fantasy fans?

18. When first creating D&D, did you ever expect to make a living at it?

19. What was the book that you read that got you hooked on fantasy?

20. And finally, what do you think of