The Internet Preview of Lord of the Rings yesterday caused quite a stir. Comments and analysis abound over what the fleeting images represent, how accurate those glimpses were to the text, and how the beasties, cast, and locations look.

If you haven’t had the opportunity or patience to check out our examination of the Preview, you should check it out. Calisuri, Anwyn, Quickbeam, and the rest of the staff put a lot of time into this while I slept, check it out here.

In the fine style that we have come to expect out of Michael Martinez, Suite 101 has posted an in depth article going over the Preview. You can check it out here. (And remember if Barliman’s is good enough for Michael it is good enough for you 😉

Numerous people have emailed us about the Daily Radar chiming in with it’s Lord of the Rings: Shot by Shot. It doesn’t add too much to the topic, but is worth a read through either way.

The Preview has been been mentioned by a variety of news sources and covered to a greater or lesser degree. Later today we should be posting about the general news coverage. We know that it was mentioned on ABC, MSNBC, NZ TV1, and some others. If you have spotted a mention of the Preview, mail and make sure we know about it.