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Archive for March, 2000

Super spy Eowyn reports from her search for Rivendell

Eowyn didn’t get into Rivendell but she saw a bit of it nevertheless, and found out some more locations along the way. Read about it in Spy Reports

Posted in Old Main News

Eowyn has a look around Rivendell.

Eowyn had a look down the road to Kaitoke, near Wellington, where the Rivendell set is. Here’s her report:
“…yes that picture of the spire that you have on the website was indeed part of Rivendell. Note the word ‘was.’It was quite funny actually. While we were driving down this little one-lane street out in the forest we were beginning to think we had gone the wrong way when, lo and behold, a huge truck laden with interesting and valuable goodies nearly runs us over!
I caught a glimpse of wooden filigree as it passed us and when I got a good look it turned out to be a huge dismantled spire and a bit of roof. We tracked down the set which was not hard to do since it was right beside the road and talked to the very nice (for once)security guard. And with a few carefully placed questions, he imparted some very interesting information to us.
As it turns out they had finished filming there a while ago and they were well into dismantling the set, They hadn’t been there very long-about eight days he reckoned.But have no fear they are still far from finished and some of the best bits are still to come!
In just over a weeks time they will be moving most of their operations up to Ruapehu where they have five locations they will be using for Mordor and possibly Fangorn.
After that, in about six weeks, they are going to start a very long shoot down in Canterbury “out the back of Ashburton”. This is undoubtedly going to be battle sceens for Helms Deep and other Rohan stuff.
For the moment however they have started filming again in the Lower Hutt behind the Helms Deep set in a little place called Dry Creek. It’s a little bit of forested vally with a dry creek in it so they could be doing anything there really.
Well thats all I’ve got for now,so its back to harrassing the security guards again.

Posted in Old Spy Reports

Casting: Lotho Sackville-Baggins Cast?

Here’s the story..of a lovely Hobbit…

This comes by way of family, literally:

From: Jared

my cousin Paul Setura has been cast in the lotr movies… he played peter brady in the brady bunch movies, and did a few others… I do not know wha part he is cast in.. I know he went down there to read for the part of a character named Lotho… but I am not certain if that is what he got…Jared

Info on Lotho:

Lotho Sackville-Baggins was the son of Lobelia, and he was the one who eventually bought BagEnd. After Frodo’s departure from Hobbiton, Lotho bought up a lot of land in the Shire, and set himself up as Chief. Lotho was doing very well for himself, until things got out of hand, and Saruman came in and took things over. Lotho was locked in the Lockholes, and eventually killed by Grima.

This will be taken a RUMOR since my contacts cannot confirm any of it at the moment, more news to come!

Thanks to Jared and Gamgee for the info!

Posted in Old Main News

Gimme some feedback please!

Hello all, Gamgee here. I have not been receiving any answers to the trivia lately. Is it too hard? Is it not exciting enough? please email me and let me know! Thank you, Gamgee.

Posted in Barliman News

Gaming: LOTR Multiplayer Game Announced!

From: Hastur

This is the latest from

Lord of the Rings MMOG! 3:33 PM

And last, but certainly not least, the second totally f’in spicy bastard that Ross Perez broke to me is that will be providing a massively multiplayer online game based off of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” fantasy novels. In the game, large numbers of players will hop onto the game’s servers and act out Tolkien’s fantasies. That’s all that we have on this at the moment, but stay tuned for an upcoming press release later today.

More info as it flows in!

Posted in Old Main News

We received a very exciting note from our dutch affiliate this morning. They have REdesigned their site and now have a great new URL:!

\[ Dutch LOTR site \]

This site is the premiere Dutch Tolkien site online and we are proud to continue to be partnered with them! Congratulations Julius, Leo, Valimar, Mel_A, Goody and Go0se!

Posted in Old Main News

Web Watch:

The folks at have taken on some of the major Hollywood movie websites and graded them. See what they say about the New Line site! [More]

Posted in Old Main News

Past Two Hall of Fire Logs Posted, Cool Contest Starts Tomorrow at Midnight EST!

Hullo Ringadongdillos!

Just a note to let you know that Gandalf, Calisuri and I have edited and posted the logs from our past two recent Hall of Fire chats. If you missed them, check out the action here for Legends of Middle Earth or Istari: Part One. We hope to see you this comming Saturday at 5:30 EST for Istari: Part II.

Ready, set, go!! Tomorrow night marks the start of our newest contest here at Get your computer ready to surf and be the first to find the One Ring that Calisuri has burried in the site. If you do, a beautiful One Ring replica by Badali is yours…. other great prizes await, so happy hunting! The Regulars and I will be hanging out at Barliman’s when the contest opens, and I’m looking forward to watching the frenzy from there. Come join us if you’re not digging for the grand prize!


Posted in Barliman News

Quests, Myths and Archetypes

Tehanu’s next Note is out, finally. She looks at those old staples of fantasy literature everywhere: quests, myths and archetypes. And looks at how Arwen fits right into all of that. [ more ]

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Tolkien Weekend in Birmingham, UK.

Mia’s alerted us to some more Tolkien-related fun coming up in England.
The Tolkien Society and Birmingham City Council will be running a “Tolkien Weekend” at Sarehole Mill, Hall Green, just south of Birmingham, on the 13th and 14th May 2000. The mill will be working, and there will be exhibitions by The Tolkien Society, Hall Green library, and local history groups. There will be activities for children, etc. It will be free. Sarehole Mill was the “original” of the Mill at Bywater in The Lord of the Rings, and is now maintained as a traditional milling museum.
You can find out more about this by checking out the Tolkien Society’s website here

Posted in Old Main News

Tolkien fun section

Well, well, well…. Hello all! Gamgee here with yet another edition of the Tolkien fun section! It took a while, but we have finally got 3 correct answers to the last trivia section! The winners were Matt and Margaret! Good job guys! The Answers were: 1) Rumil 2) Folcwine 3) Robin Smallburrow
Here are our posers for today:
1) “What was the name of Fingolfin’s sword?”
2) “uhergntdat” (scrambled Tolkien person, place or thing)
3) “Of yellow leaves and gossamer in autumn leaves that there were” (Who said this?)
As always email me with your answers, the 1st person to send me all 3 correct answers in one letter will be posted here tomorrow! Good luck!

Posted in Barliman News

New Line’s Q&A

The folks at New Line were good enough to send me an update on the Q&A session with PJ.

A number of sites have sent in a sample of the intriguing questions that your users have asked and they have been fantastic. If you have more than two questions you’d like to submit, please feel free to send in a moderately-sized selection and we’ll do our best to work in as many as possible.

New Line also stated that they will have many more of these Q&A’s with Different people from time to time! This means perhaps we get a chance to speak with some actors or SFX folks!

Also, with New Line saying they’d like to see the other questions we had, I’ve sent all 10 to them to look over! So it seems we get to ask many more questions than before!

And here is some extra bit of news they sent only to

Our next month-long Q&A session will begin on June 1st.

So get your next set of questions ready!

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