When the clock struck 12:01 am ET on Thursday, March 30th, that “WHOOSH” heard around the world was the sound of everyone running out Barliman’s front door in search of the One Ring. We ops sat back and waited, knowing Barli’s was the place to be to hear any news about the rings. All evening Barli’s had been bustling with folks coming in for answers to last minute questions. They plotted. They planned. They lined up their course of action. All were eager to be winners in TheOneRing.net’s latest contest.

Sure enough, amidst comments like, “I never knew this site was so huge!” and questions like, “Could a ring be hidden on TBHL?” Calisuri popped in and told us that the Witch King’s ring had been located! Soon after, Thrain’s ring was also announced as being found. The tension in the room was now palpable as folks began checking in to see if anything had been found. Then Calisuri announced the One Ring had been located by one of the folks present in the room! We also learned that the finder of Thrain’s ring was in Barli’s as well. Congratulations were passed all ’round. By now 2 1/2 hours or more had gone by and there was still one lost ring out there – Nenya! Folks were looking high and low, deep within the 1000+ pages of TheOneRing.net. Searching… searching….

‘Long about 2:30, a new guest wandered in, a bit tired and bleary-eyed. Guest quietly asked about the particulars of notifying TOR.net about finding a winning ring, as Guest had just located Nenya!

Everyone had a great time with this contest and all were very excited to hear that more contests like this are on the horizon. So keep an eye on the front page and drop into Barli’s for the latest news and gossip about all things “Ring-ish!”