News has reached me via that WETA are using Steve Buscemi, an actor that has appeared in many movies, such as Armaggedon, Fargo, The Big Lebowski and Con Air, as a model for the emaciated Hobbit.

I have a few friends at Weta, (I DON’T work there myself), and as we were talking a bit about digital character animation, they told me that they were gearing up towards the building/animating of a fully digital main character. So I said ‘yeah, nothing new, everybody knows you’re doing Gollum for lotr’. Then he said ‘ok, but did you know that we’re using Steve Buschemi as a template?’ (!!?)

I was more than a little surprised. But they insisted that they’re using Buschemi not only for facial expressions but also for the lipsynch testphase.

I find this highly unlilkey to be true, the good folks at WETA (I have spoken with a few) are very nice, but they cannot give away info of that nature. It remains to be seen, but don’t hold your breath.