Just found a great article by way of Joram. It’s titled “Hobbit wanted – but no little people need apply”. by: Mark Burman, for Guartian Unlimited Network

In it Mark talk with PJ himself and asks him several questions, firstly why does he think he can tackle Tolkien’s work where other’s have failed in the past?

“I’m a real believer in trying to push yourself,” (Jackson) says. “And if you’re a film-maker, I don’t think there’s anything more amazing to be involved with than The Lord of the Rings. It’s the holy grail of film-making. It’s a once in a lifetime experience, and if we do it and we can be proud, then we want to retire when it’s all over.”

PJ also talks about shooting all 3 films back to back. And how it has it’s advantages.

“Shooting three separate movies back to back has never been done before,” says Jackson. “But I think it’s unfair to say to an audience, ‘Come to The Fellowship of the Ring and, if it’s successful, we make part two’. That’s not what we’re doing. We are making the entire trilogy, one long film shoot and then we’ll cut them all together. I guess it’s a certain form of madness.”

And when asked about fan sites (who me?) PJ had this to say:

“I do read the websites. People post up opinions about the actors and the story and I sometimes sit there for hours and hours and read the comments. It must be very frustrating to feel your favorite book is going to be filmed and think, ‘How are they going to stuff it up this time?’ “

He also discusses what you folks have been telling me is a big fear of yours, ‘the shrinking thing’

“Well, we’ve thought about that a lot. We still have tests to do but the Hobbits are the principal characters. If you study Tolkien’s descriptions of them, they are really described as small people. Between three and a half to four foot tall and they’re not strange in any other way than these large, hairy feet.

“I know casting authentic little people is the way that some people have thought we’ll go but it just doesn’t fit what Tolkien wrote. So we are casting normal sized actors and using prosthetics, computer tricks and other less complicated trickery to reduce them in size. I certainly don’t want to use puppets or CGI(computer-generated imagery) characters because this is a story about real people.”

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