Xoanon here!!!

This is honest to goodness folks 10000% percent reliable. If I am wrong I will honestly give up the web business. I just recieved this from a very reliable source!!! Stuart Townsend will play Aragorn!!!

Stuart Townsend

Townsend has appeared in films such as, All About Adam, The Wrong Blond, Simon Magus, Resurrection Man, Shooting Fish, Under The Skin, and Trojan Eddie.

If you can rent any of these movies, I recommend doing so to see what type of actor he is!


After a little digging I’ve uncovered more info on ST. He played ‘Jez’ in a Fox Searchlight film ‘Shooting Fish’

Stuart Townsend’s natural style was quickly recognized by casting directors, as he cut his acting teeth on stage and in his home town of Dublin. Soon Townsend made his feature debut opposite Richard Harris and Stephen Rea in director Gillies MacKinnon’s ‘Trojan’ Townsend’s most recent film credits include ‘Resurrection Man’ and ‘Under the Skin’

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