Got some different news from various sorces today:

Lord of the Rings On TV
To promote the new paperback version of Lord of the Rings, there is a commercial being aired!
I was watching the X-Files on FX last night and one

of the commercials was for the new paperback one

volume Lord of the Rings. It’s pretty unusual to have

a TV spot for a book thats been published for a long

time so I thought that it might be part of a campaign for the upcoming movies!

He Taught Darth Maul Everything He Knows

This come from Corona “…And we’ve got another scoop from the field for you today: “I was at an event called the Sword Spectacular Weekend, and one of the guests was supposed to be Bob Anderson..the swordmaster who has done swordwork for Star Wars, The Three Muskateers, The Princess Bride, and most recentlyThe Mask of Zorro. Anyway, he wasn’t able to attend,

because he was hired to ‘Work on a movie in New

Zealand’. Well, I did some asking around (I know the

event staff) and they confirmed through a head nod

(since they couldn’t tell me directly) when I asked if

he was working on The Lord of the Rings…”

I’m asking my spies if this Anderson rumor is true, but if any of you folks out there, who want to confirm this. email me