Tehanu here from the Grey Havens,
Sorry, this one is a bit ‘in-house’ for New Zealanders…or people who have been here!

I consulted with Rutherford the calculating cat, (the one who is learning to type,) and he drew a Venn diagram to show the intersection of the sets of people who surf the Net, are interested in Lord of the Rings, are interested in photography, live in or have been to NZ, and have been hiking in Fiordland or the Southern Alps. Rutherford reckons it is a pretty tiny subset, but it does exist.
So if you’re out there and you have photos of parts of New Zealand that look like you’ve always imagined Middle Earth to look, why not send them to us and have your work posted up for a bit of web fame? We’d love to be able to put up some big pictures of the area round Queenstown, Wanaka, all that lovely Central Otago stuff. Y’know, the borders of Rohan? Also for those of you that have been down to Milford and Te Anau, how about some pics of that dark mysterious forest they have down there? And Rivendell, can anyone imagine where that might be?

If anyone has a photo of Moria Gate, north of Karamea (it really exists! I’ve seen it on maps!) we’d love to see that too, just out of curiosity. Those mapmakers were Tolkien fiends too, it seems.
We’ll put your name on your pics to give you the credit for them it you want, of course.