Xoanon here,

Recieved this from a fan of the site who tried to audition. Let him tell you the rest…

Well the day dawned bright and blue and still and just as pretty as can be and off we went to Alexandra. Joined the queue at 11 a.m. and had fun? People watching and trying to remember what it is to be patient. Got in the door around 12.30 p. m. – filled in the form and had ourselves measured and pictured and all finished by 1 p.m.

What was good about it? Well you seldom see such a cross-section of humanity all in one place in Central Otago and they were all very well behaved (no queue jumping and no bitching). The staff were civil, efficient and good natured.

What was bad about it? Probably the thing which was worst – by the time I came to filling in the form all I could really think about was “when can I get some lunch?” But then I am a bit of a slave to my stomach… I suppose I could have thought of more things which would have marked me as valuable to the film if I had been concentrating more. Timing is everything!

On the whole I was glad to have put my name down to play a small part in what for me is a very significant story. Lets all get behind this movie and make it live up to the book.

Have a good one,

Bill M.