Xoanon here,

With all the excitement over this Sean Connery thing it seems people have forgotten that there are OTHER things besides casting going on. This is all small news that I just want to mash together into one article because I damn well feel like it! (down boy)

Save Tom Bombadil!

My buddy Joram from Tolkien Movie News has found a cause, and he wants you all to help him. As you may or may not know PJ will be cutting all TB scenes from the film. Joram seems to think this and outrage. Click here and you can help save Tom from the cutting room floor!
Elf Casting

Not really, Tehanu just turned my hair green because I almost forgot to mention she’s been talking with someone who is close to being cast as an Elf, not THE Elf, just a regular Elf, if there ever was one.
Timothy Spall Anyone?

I’ve just received an email telling me where I can talk to people who represent TS. But it’s all the way in England and there is no fax number. So calling all you people in the Business (I know you’re reading this, having a good laugh at my expense) get in touch with me!
150 to 1 shot

Tehanu’s Elf friend is also a composer. She tells me he has lined himself up for the amazing job of creating the score for LOTR, but, he stresses, so have 150 other people…