The Evening Post had this to say on the new Sean Connery rumour:

Connery admits he’s in line for Jackson film. by Megan Lane and Reuters Scottish film star Sean Connery say he’s waiting for a script for Miramar director Peter Jackson’s The Lord Of The Rings. At a press conference to promote his latest film, Entrapment, at the Cannes Film Festival, Connery confirmed that he was in line for a role in Jackson’s NZ$266 million project. He said he was waiting on a script of the adaptation of author J R R Tolkien’s fantasy trilogy, to be filmed in New Zealand from september 19. Rumours that Connery could play Gandalf date back at least a year, before Jackson announced the project last August. A number of Seatoun residents claim to have seen Connery at the Chocolate Fish Cafe in Scorching Bay – an Urban myth so popular that cafe staff have brought in a cardboard cutout of Connery. Jackson’s team has consistently denied Connery’s involvement, but could not be contacted today. [ The Chocolate Fish Cafe is frequented by Peter Jackson ] Connery isn’t the only big name connected with the project – Hollywood heart-throb Keanu Reeves ( The Matrix ) told an Australian magazine that he had been petitioning Jackson’s people to play Aragorn.

This is literally the hottest rumour there is folks. One has to wonder if New Line will demand that Connery makes it into the film because of all of this interest in him! I hope that the focus remains on the movies rather than actors because this is a once in a lifetime chance for Tolkien Fans to see Tolkien’s vision brought to the silver screen. Thanks to ‘Bruce’ for the article!