Xoanon here,

Maybe it’s too early in the morning to think about it, but what is a capping stunt? I’ve emailed Tehanu to ask her, but unfortunately she’s busy teaching the charm of Making to some Ancient ones up in the hills, anyone out there know? anyone?…Here is her report, don’t be afraid if she talks about herself in the 3rd person…just don’t ask.

Tehanu’s description of capping stunts: Over here, students celebrate graduating in a number of ways besides dressing up in a silly cap and gown for the awarding-of-the-degrees ceremony. Apart from drinking lots and putting soap-suds in the civic fountains, there’s also a kind of competition to see who can come up with the funniest and most public hoax or stunt.

Tehanu was a little suspicious about one ‘spy report’ that we received via “ain’t-it-cool-news” a week ago. Supposedly Peter Jackson was going to be filming in the Manawatu, around Palmerston North, and a casting call was being held in The Concourse. Hmmm, sounds like something centring on Massey University, she thought. The photo supplied of the beautiful scenic cow-paddock supposedly resembling ‘The Shire’ looked, shall we say, a little unconvincing.

Calls to the Palmerston Evening Star elicited the response, from various reporters: “Huh?”, “What?” and “It’s probably a capping stunt.” Tehanu’s suspicion was intensified by the fact she had noticed in the previous week’s papers that the Massey University Revue for graduation was going to be based on, or a spoof of, Lord of the Rings. Nice try, guys. You got yourselves on the Web.

Why don’t you send us your best jokes/scripts, and tell us all how it went?